Zabe Bent Metals

Your purchase helps make a difference! This endeavour is my creative outlet, and also a bit of a soapbox. My first sale was a fundraiser for a worthy cause; it felt so good to blend my creativity with social activism that I've decided to keep the marriage going. So, in addition to making unique art for you to gift or to wear, each quarter I designate a worthy cause to receive a portion of proceeds. There is always a connection to issues near and dear to my heart: children and families, sustainability, and the arts. 

This quarter, I started volunteering with Girls, Inc Alameda, an organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be "strong, smart, and bold". Working with elementary school girls is so much fun! Don't you worry; I still continue to give back via donations each quarter. My most recent donation went to the Red Cross to support relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy. Other recipients include the San Francisco Food Bank, which helps feed SF's children and families, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, and Yele Haiti to aid earthquake relief efforts. 

This quarter, I'm showing some love for the Alliance for Climate Education. This Oakland-based non-profit is focused on empowering youth to learn about climate change, and inspiring them to take part in reducing our impact on global warming. The organization works first to educate youth on the science behind climate change, then helps them find ways to become active participants in solutions by encouraging small (and sometimes large) behavioural changes. So great to find an organization doing something so powerful in my own community!

Do you want to promote an organization? While I try to be involved in happenings in my community, I'm always interested to hear new ways to give back. Email or tweet me if you'd like to suggest an organization near and dear to your heart for future donations!

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