Zabe Bent Metals

Hi there! I have been designing and creating in various media since I was a little girl sitting at my grandmother's sewing table and borrowing my grandfather's drafting pens. Many, many years ago I was a wee, little girl from Kingston, Jamaica migrating to New York City with dreams of artistry dancing in my head. Over the years I've lived in quite a few places (New Rochelle, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Chicago) and worked in quite a few sectors (real estate, community development, urban transportation). In all those places and all those jobs, there's been a lot of watercolor painting, comic book reading (and sketching), floor plan sketches, and well, oodles of doodles. Pretty much a consistent theme: make art.

Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005 reignited an interest in silversmithing--the art of jewelry design and fabrication. I was struck by beautiful vistas at every turn, whether wandering Armstrong Woods and Redwood Park, walking around downtown Oakland or San Francisco, or traveling the world. It's helped to get my creative juices flowing, and cultivated the drive to leave my desk job after 15+years in urban development and transportation.

Last year I moved back to NYC, and it has been quite the ride. The move, adjusting to life back East, and a few personal challenges (broken wrist!) have made it an odd, yet still fun year. But I'm getting back in my groove, and still doing custom and bridal pieces. So, welcome to my double life: bicoastal artist and urban planner. Many thanks to those chipping along this road with me. 

To learn more about my art or just about me, follow me on twitter, view my collection of work, or read about my care for community. I do hope to see you out and about or online; and you're welcome to contact me directly with questions or comments on my work. In the meantime take care, enjoy the ride, and happy shopping!

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