Zabe Bent Metals

Travel Bug

Let's face it, I'm a bit of a rolling stone.  I love to travel.  I've been to every continent except Antarctica (and as a tropical kind of gal, I'm not likely to go there), most continents multiple times.  To visit family, to visit friends, to see new places, to experience new cultures, and of course to gain new inspiration. So much of my creativity is inspired by my various trips, but the pieces in this collection come directly from images and ideas I've observed while away from home. Whether it's a roadtrip in the southwestern US, a walk through the streets of Paris, a safari in northeastern South Africa or a visit home to Jamaica, there's always something that whispers to me and ends up on my studio table.  Check out the pieces in this collection for more details on how each trip has inspired me, and of course, cultivate your own travel bug!

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