Zabe Bent Metals

Sewing Kit

Each of my pieces feels like one of my babies, but this particular collection truly has a special place in my heart. This collection is inspired by all the hours spent at the knee of the seamstresses in my childhood: my grandmother and my aunts. Sewing with my gran is one of my earliest memories of creating something both beautiful and useful. Over time, my mum began to have me build on these skills. No store-bought doll clothing or accessories--from housing to clothing, I had to make my own! Though my focus is now on silversmithing, the various sewing notions still swim through my mind and inspire these lovely pieces. 

The women in my life encouraged my creativity, fed my drive, and spurred my independence. Some of them have passed on, which only brings these pieces closer to my heart. I am reminded of them all whether fashioning a new dress or soldering a piece in this collection. Take a look at the signature earrings, these Bobbins, or watch this space for more items that might strike your fancy. 

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