Zabe Bent Metals

Button Ring

This is the second item in my Sewing Kit collection. As a child, my seamstress/baker grandmother would have me improve my skills by hemming skirts & dresses, and by attaching or re-attaching buttons to various garments. When I came across these stones, I thought, these are like buttons! What lovely rings they would make! 

To fashion these rings, a length of tubing is first attached to a handmade base. Each tube is cut/made to the appropriate length and size for a particular stone. Once the stone is attached, the tubing is widened until it curls onto itself. This fastens the stone in place and creates a riveted affect.

Each stone is unique; please select your preference, above right. Bold stones measure ~1.25 - 1.5" in diameter, while basic stones measure ~1" in diameter.

Note, each ring is made to order. Please allow up to 3-7 days for production. Gotta have it fast? Message me before purchasing. 


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