Zabe Bent Metals


Not too long ago I traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to visit my sister. I probably took over one thousand of photos over the 3-week trip, and I suspect those photos will inspire more pieces to add to my Travel Bug collection. This particular piece is inspired by the massive buffalo that pervade the private nature reserve we visited on a side trip. The animals would come to stare at us while grazing, and they were the first we encountered on arrival at the reserve. PS, thanks to those of you who noted that this is not an water buffalo but actually a cape buffalo!

To craft this piece, I begin with a single strip of thick wire, hammering and turning to reveal the shape. It is then filed and sanded until smooth, and polished for a high shine. 

Length: 18"; message me if you'd like a different length. Looking for a great match for this necklace? Pair it with my planar earrings, or perhaps a simple stud.


To see more on my trip to Johannesburg, check out my blog post and photos

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