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Part 001 shall now be known as: Hoot!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in names for this little guy! Winner Jennifer Klett DeWind, along with a few others, thinks this design looks like an owl and now so do I! It was loads of fun to read through all the suggestions and see all the images that I just didn't see before. 

While sitting around the breakfast table this weekend I floated some of my favorite names with friends:

  • fist bump
  • hoot & sleeping owlet
  • furl girl
  • chain dough & chain mail
  • annie are you ok
  • afternoon dream

"Hoot" really spoke to me. Fun, simple, pithy. Who wouldn't love such a name? 

I also noticed that because of how I took/posted the photo, many of you see the design portrait-oriented rather than landscape-oriented. I hear you. I've changed the piece around so that it can be oriented either way by simply moving the jump ring. 

So, Hoot will be on its way to Jennifer shortly. If you'd like to buy Hoot for yourself or as a gift for someone, just click throughAnd for those of you who want more on the story behind my naming difficulties, feel free to peruse my blogpost on the subject. 

Looking for your chance to win a piece that you've named? Don't worry, I can't imagine my naming block will be lifted anytime soon. There will be plenty of other chances to help me name pieces, and to win those pieces too. I'll post one at least once a month, perhaps more. Follow me on the interwebs for notices. Just click on one of the icons below.





Written by Zabe Bent — April 29, 2013

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