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It was just about one-year ago that I launched my website and made what I consider my first real sale. Now, I've been making jewelry for over 7 years and making sales too. But my first sale after leaving my office job was a big deal. It was the culmination of months of hard work and a decades-long journey of becoming an artist. Mostly, though, it was further proof that I had, in fact, launched myself as an artist/entrepreneur. Wow!

artTruck 2013 - Looking Down the Hill

Fully embracing my inner artist was easily the most terrifying, exciting, and rewarding thing I've done. I was able to spend gobs of time in my studio, creating, blogging, marketing, and selling. You can now find my creations in local shops. I've participated in a few local markets and events, including sharing an ArtTruck with painter Michelle Peckham during SF Open Studios. Perhaps most inspiring, I've had the opportunity to create unique pieces for friends and clients as they embark on new journeys. In the midst of it all, I even learned how to Lean In

The whole experience has been a learning process. There is so much to love about this job, but don't be fooled. Being an artist and entrepreneur is hard work! I'm still in awe of people who make it look easy. Just one example of something that seems like it shouldn't be too hard: launching a website.

It took ages to pull together my website. Ok, not quite ages, but it did take a few months (months!) longer than I had hoped. It's almost plug and play now, but picking the webhost and theme, photographing and writing copy for each piece, and then naming and pricing them was a huge effort. And each of the pieces in those initial collections is precious to me. 

Well, as you can imagine I've learned a lot this year. About myself. About retail. About artistry. About what inspires me. I'm always creating new pieces and refining my style. Each of the activities above, whether newfound or rediscovered, has piqued a new vein of inspiration and creation.

As a result I'm working on a new collection to be launched in full at the end of November. Take a sneak peek right here. In the interim, take a gander at my Anniversary Sale to get a few of my inaugural pieces before they're gone. Just my way of saying thanks so much for being part of my journey!





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Written by Zabe Bent — November 04, 2013

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