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You may have heard that I have a hard time naming some of my pieces. This simple bracelet is just the latest in a string of pieces that pour from my heart with no name in mind. Since it cannot remain "untitled part 002) forever, I'm asking for help. Name it and it's yours. 

Suggestions must be received by bedtime on Tuesday, June 25th. If your suggestion is picked, I'll drop it in the mail to you by way of thanks. International entries are welcome, but you'll be responsible for shipping fees.

Submit a name through whatever interweb method you like.Tag me on Google+, or post it on my Facebook page, or tweet it to me, or (re)pin it on Pinterest. Or “like” someone else’s entry. And tell your friends, unless you're very competitive :-). Make sure to follow/like me so that I can get in touch with you for notification! 




Here are just a few of the entries thus far. What's your favorite?
- open hug/arms
- slice
- zorro
- vortex
- spring eternal
- embrace / embracelet
- cicle (circle + cycle) 

Written by Zabe Bent — June 25, 2013

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