Zabe Bent Metals

Hi there, everyone!  As many of you know, after 6 years as a hobbyist silversmith I’ve decided to launch my artistic endeavor at!  You’ve all seen some aspect of my art before; some of you have even worn some of my creations.  Well, I’ve left the safety of an office job, and a pretty amazing one at that. I've been lucky enough to do challenging, interesting work as a transportation planner with a great bunch of intelligent, insightful, passionate individuals, but it’s time now to embark on a different path.  Exciting and scary!  

I’ve been cultivating my inner artist since the days of sidewalk chalk and fingerpaint in Kingston and NYC—graduating to sketch portraits, watercolor landscapes, and dresses over the years.  I’m now focused on jewelry, and eager to share my artwork with you and your friends.  In addition to my artwork there is an element of activism involved—each quarter I’ll pick a worthy cause to receive a portion of proceeds.

Whether you want to call it creative business or artistic soapbox, I say welcome to my journey!  To come along with me, subscribe to my mailing list, follow me on Twitter, or just bookmark my site for a little fun with shopping.   

Thanks in advance for joining and for sharing this info with your friends. 
Love and creativity

Written by Zabe Bent — July 31, 2012

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